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This repository “Wireless Communication Code Examples for Raspberry Pi Pico W, by” is a collection of the code examples.
It includes MicroPython code for the micro IoT sensor devices which send sensor values via UDP and a micro LCD device which receives from them to display the sensor values on it.

ボクにもわかる μIoT for Raspberry Pi Pico W

MicroPython を使った Raspberry Pi Pico W の学習用サンプル・プログラム集です。

Raspberry Pi Pico W Blog Site

The picture below is a example of a micro IoT sensor on a breadboard.

μIoT 温湿度計

Following picture is the receiver for the above board.


The sensor values which send from the micro IoT Sensors are displayed on the LCD.


A communication protocol CSVxUDP is used for them. If your LCD device cannot recieve UDP packets, it might be discarded by your Wi-Fi router. In this case, please try to use “”.
Or if there are someting wrong in the broadcasted UDP behaviors, use unicast address such as “” for transmitter side of and


本稿の基となる MicroPython 用プログラムは、「Pythonで作るIoTシステム プログラム・サンプル集 (CQ出版社)」の第8章~第9章で解説しています(執筆時点で未発売だったPico Wの記事はありません)。


Pythonで作るIoTシステム プログラム・サンプル集


Pythonで作るIoTシステム プログラム・サンプル集

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