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Hi-Fi Audio Devices for Raspberry Pi and Pico

Handmade Hi-Fi Audio


Internet Radio and Jukebox for Raspberry Pi

This Bash Script(*.sh) of Internet Radio and a jukebox for Raspberry Pi 2/3/4/Zero/Zero W/W2.
It works with an LCD and audio DAC.
Please see the instructions below:

Radio and Jukebox

Audio DAC TI PCM5102A on a Breadboard

It shows how to connect TI’s 32bit 384kHz audio DAC PCM5102A to Raspberry Pi via I2S, and play music.
The detail information is on following my blog page:

PCM5102A on Breadboard

Stereo Audio Peak Meter for Raspberry Pi Pico

This audio peak meter shows like VFD on a LCD.
I used 2 rows 16 digits character LCD AQM1602Y and Raspberry Pi Pico for it. It displays 33 levels for each channels, in dB.

Peak Level Meter

Caution; URLs on audio/radio/pi for Internet Radio

Please pay close attention to the copyright laws of your country.

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